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Hello, and welcome to my personal portfolio site, which (like me), is always growing, changing, and evolving.

I’m a WordPress developer, digital marketing project manager, and writer/editor living in Fort Myers, Florida.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, please use the contact form below.

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Igor Gnatenko
Igor Gnatenko, Nimble Commerce

“David’s suggestions helped me market my services better, so I could get more, pre-qualified leads faster, work more efficiently, and provide a better service to our customers.”

Gene Sower, Samson Media, LLC

“David Somerfleck, you are my hero!”

As a result of working with David Somerfleck we now have more people coming into the store daily, better processes for managing invoices, receipts, and scheduling appointments. We have access to state and federal contracts, are found in online search, are getting new referrals and sales through our new website, and he’s also helped us streamline our bidding process.

Brenda Houck

Co-Owner, B&B Eyewear

David Somerfleck helped me to create and promote a WordPress plugin for our online scheduling company to ease integration with WordPress.

He gave me key direction on exactly what steps to take and how to market it, and it has been hugely profitable.

Mark Eckdahl

Programmer & Developer, ScheduleMax

When I needed website help from somebody who could write AND speak geek, David was the first person I called. His passion for the written word and his tech savvy make him a real find for anyone looking to create a dynamic web presence or make an impression in print.

Leslie Lyon

Civl Servant, State of Colorado

David Somerfleck was responsible for maintaining, developing, designing, and administering our church website. In addition to a high energy level, David was one of the few employees I have worked with who recognized that excellence is a journey and not a destination. I highly recommend David…

Ken Murdock

Reverend, Unity Church

David Somerfleck has an incredibly broad scope of knowledge which enables him to go way outside the box in assisting clients with their websites.

His integrity is unimpeachable and he’s a joy to work with at every juncture.

Alec Wisner

Lawer, Agency for Dispute Resolution

David worked for me overseeing political campaign communications, and based on his work, I would rank him as one of the best consultants we have ever had. He distinguished himself by consistently submitting exceptionally well-researched and well-written messaging, framing, branding, letters, slogans, and other political campaign materials.

Steve Harvey

Lawyer, Writer

David is a creative, dedicated citizen in my district who has served the community ably.

He is entrepreneurial, industrious, and a critical thinker.

Joe Miklosi

Representative, State of Colorado

We contacted David about an issue with the WordPress database for the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival.

His depth of expertise with WordPress was very helpful in troubleshooting our issues and getting the content management dashboard up and running again.

Gil Asakawa

Marketing, University of Colorado

David worked for my campaign for Westminster City Council as advisor and strategic communications consultant.

David provided my campaign with marketing and media relations consulting and overall strategy. Based on his professionalism, and the quality of his contributions, he’s been one of the best political consultants I’ve ever worked with and I can recommend his services without reservation.

Aurits Apodaca

Organizer, FRESC

I worked with David Somerfleck on advertising copy, press releases, corporate presentations, synopses, and other marketing support materials.

David consistently worked in a very professional manner that impressed everyone with our company. We learned we could always count on him for providing services in a reliable and flawless manner.

Richard Brevoort

President, the Hudson Agency, Whitney Information Network

In today’s market, it is crucial to have a strong and professional website and internet presence. David has not only produced a clean, readable website, but also maintains the website and provides great advice for improving business.

I feel very fortunate to have David among my invaluable business contacts. I am incredibly pleased with the results.

Tanya Smyth

Private Investigator, Ruby Moon Investigations

David and I worked alongside each other in social media marketing, helping local political candidates and campaigns improve their media presence, SEO, and sharpen their message.

David’s background in Journalism gives him a unique perspective regarding the marketability of images and text that can create a lasting impact.

Nancy Cronk

Business Owner, Sipping N Painting



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  • I graduated from college with a BA in English (with an emphasis in Creative Writing).
  • While in college studying classical writing techniques and literature, I also began studying web design, internet marketing, and marketing techniques as they related to writers (such as political campaign messaging, ad writing, composing corporate bios, synopses, outlines, white papers, academic research, and the like).
  • After graduation, I began working as a writer and editor for several publishers and agencies.
  • Following several years’ writing and editing experience, I decided to veer more toward education, program management, and ways to bring together my other skill sets so that I could apply my interests in web design, SEO, and digital marketing toward larger marketing and communicative projects.
  • I started my freelance “side business” Sudden Impact Web Design around 2008-2009. Shortly thereafter, I began offering WordPress and technical/internet marketing classes and tutoring to clients.
  • A few years later, I was asked to teach workshops for Microsoft, the City & County of Denver, Johnson & Wales University; do some writing for AOL/Time-Warner, Caribou Coffee; and began branching out more.

For more information, to request a resume, or just to break digital bread, feel free to drop me a line using the contact form below.



BA, English

English, Bachelor of Arts degree

Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA



Career Focused

Just a few interests that I find rewarding to pursue:


Outside Interests

Selected Projects & Activities

WordPress Developer Fort Myers FL

The website we created for Abrams/Walker Law.

WordPress Developer Fort Myers FL

An ebook I wrote about Kanban workflow organization for business owners.

WordPress Developer Fort Myers FL

The website we created for Ruby Moon Investigations.

WordPress Developer Fort Myers FL | David Somerfleck

The first page of a physical book I wrote on Internet Auctions, while working for Whitney Information Network.

WordPress Developer Fort Myers FL

The site we created for our friends at Tattoo You.

WordPress Developer Fort Myers FL
Interiors' lush responsive design.

The site we created for our friends at Interiors design studio..

WordPress Developer Fort Myers FL

A review I wrote for the Fox Reality cable TV channel website. Fox Reality was a basic cable network featuring reality TV programming for several years. To see a larger version of this piece, click here.

WordPress Developer in Fort Myers FL

The site we created for our friends at Purple Lotus Spa.

A Basic Quiz Game

Using a little JavaScript & HTML

Asking question 1 of 10 with 0 answers correct


  True     False

WordPress Developer Fort Myers FL

The site we created for our friends at B&B Eyewear.

WordPress Developer Fort Myers FL
WordPress Developer Fort Myers FL

For our friends at Sienna Fine Dining.

WordPress Developer Fort Myers FL | David Somerfleck

A collection of poetry, titled The Other Eye of Polyphemus.

WordPress Developer Fort Myers FL | David Somerfleck

A stunning custom online presence ready to convert visitors into customers for our friends at Bernard Landscapes.

WordPress Developer Fort Myers FL
WordPress Developer Fort Myers FL 424-DAVID01

The online presence we completed for Russel Automotive.

WordPress Developer Fort Myers FL

A business review I wrote and took photos for.

WordPress Developer Fort Myers FL

Our business site, Sudden Impact Web Design.

A Basic Tic Tac Toe Game

Using a little JavaScript & HTML

Before & After

Fort Myers WordPress Fort Myers WordPress

In the “Before” section you see a clear image of what the client had done prior to calling me. She had remembered me from a presentation I’d given on “Cyber Strategies for ROI” at her professional association, knew that I was experienced and informed as a result, and called me shortly thereafter to finish what she’d started.

In the “After” image, you can see what we both agreed would be best. A site that loads very quickly, is easy to read yet dynamic and engaging, with room for more. Originally, we’d had an eCommerce section available to process service requests and book appointments. This option is still present, but has been put on the back-burner temporarily.

Before After

In the “Before” section you can see what the client had upon contacting us for help.

What was desired was a full design reboot, making the site look more professional and engaging, with appropriate stock photos, and an easier-to-use navigation UX/UI layout, while preserving the business owner’s love of color splash.

Before After

Here you can see what the client had upon calling us. It was a basic site with a rotating cube-shaped image, which crashed older browsers and wouldn’t appear on modern smartphones. They also had no SEO present on the site, so the only way anyone would find the site would be by directly typing in their exact domain name.

“After” you can see our redesign based on client suggestions. They wanted a site redesign that would emphasis local community  local location, allow them to sell tickets online, book reservations, offer to reserve and take payments for their private room, sell home-made items, while also allowing for take out and deliver payment options. We’d decided to use one solution that would enable all of the above and streamline their in-store operations as well, saving them overhead and reducing redundancy.

Before After

In the “Before” section you see what the client had upon contacting us. Their desired list of items to improve upon was long but achievable: a simpler, more direct redesign that would solicit more donations while increasing empathy for the non-profit’s mission, more purchases, more subscribers, more donors, and greater community involvement.

The “After” version succeeds. The design is less cluttered, more user-friendly, includes a search box where none was present before, more direct, immediately highlights animals and care-givers, while highlighting the nonprofit’s mission and needs and allowing the site to work efficiently and easily on smartphones.

Before After

In the “Before” section you can see what the client had before calling us. She had hired someone from Craigslist, paid a few hundred dollars, and was subsequently frustrated with the results: she couldn’t change content in any way, felt the look was outdated and unprofessional, and gave a negative impression of her services. But most importantly, she had no way to manage content or add books, speaking events, workshops, videos, or build her online presence.

In the “After” section you see one of my earliest designs. The client wanted to keep the same color palette, keep her photo prominent, but have a site a) she could manage herself with some training or outside help, b) be able to add to and change content whenever she wanted and c) have some say over SEO rankings. We achieved those goals by providing two full days of hands-on training along with a monthly maintenance care plan.

Before After

In the “Before” section you can see the site our friends over at First Foundation of the Apostles church, in Delray Beach, Florida had before we began having a few conversations about their goals. The screenshot image is a little fuzzy because it was taken in 2006, before it began experiencing technical glitches.

In the “After” section you can see what we provided for them in terms of design. What you can’t see visually is that once congregation members had a mobile-responsive site they could go to that was visually engaging, it made more members want to go to the site and a) join the discussion forum where the church outreach could participate in helping congregation members 24 hours a day, making sure more members attended services, more regularly, and donations slowly began rising as well because more members felt connected. Since the site was now current and updated, this left open a spot for the church to post MP3 sermons online, offer to sell sermon CDs, audiobooks, video downloads, advertising for wedding ceremonies, upcoming events, and processing payments online.

Feel free to call me any time at 424-DAVID01. No spam, please.  WordPress Developer Fort Myers FL