David Somerfleck


Experienced digital marketing project manager with 15+ years of strategic expertise in the creation, promotion, and sales of B2B and consumer products and services, with a specialty in content marketing and web.

Wicked ability to write, edit, multi-task, and apply traditional marketing methodology to new marketing technology


Computer Skills


  • HTML5 100%
  • CSS3 95%
  • JavaScript 78%
  • PHP 73%
  • SQL Server 75%
  • XSLT 90%
  • Node JS 70%


  • WordPress 100%
  • Joomla 95%
  • Drupal 75%
  • Salesforce 73%
  • Wavemaker 75%
  • Infusionsoft 90%
  • Hubspot 70%
  • Google Analytics 95%


  • MailChimp 100%
  • Constant Contact 95%
  • Drip Mail 75%
  • Vertical Response 73%
  • iContact 75%

I’m currently in the process of updating this page. To see a current list of previous employment, please visit my LinkedIn page or contact me directly using the button below. Thanks.

WordPress Developer 33901
WordPress Developer Ft. Myers FL 33901
WordPress Developer Fort Myers Florida 33901
WordPress Developer Fort Myers Florida 33901
WordPress Developer SW FL
WordPress Southwest Florida, WordPress Expert
WordPress SW Florida 424-DAVID01
WordPress Southwest Florida 424-DAVID01
WordPress Developer SW FL
WordPress Southwest Florida, WordPress Expert


“David is like a force of nature. As a result of working with him we now have more people coming into the store daily, better processes for managing invoices and receipts, for scheduling appointments. We have access to state and federal contracts, are found in online search, are getting new referrals and sales through our new website, and he’s also helped us streamline our bidding process.”

Brenda Houck

Co-Owner, B&B Eyewear

“David has an incredibly broad scope of knowledge which enables him to go way outside the box in assisting clients with their websites. His integrity is unimpeachable and he’s a joy to work with at every juncture.

Alec Wisner

Lawer, Agency for Dispute Resolution

“In today’s market, it is crucial to have a strong and professional website and internet presence. David has not only produced a clean, readable website, but also maintains the website and provides great advice for improving business. I feel very fortunate to have David among my invaluable business contacts. I am incredibly pleased with the results.

Tanya Smyth

Private Investigator, Ruby Moon Investigations

Testimonial 2

“David helped me to create and promote a WordPress plugin for our online scheduling company to ease integration with WordPress.

He gave me key direction on exactly what steps to take and how to market it, and it has been hugely profitable.”

Mark Eckdahl

Programmer & Developer, ScheduleMax


“When I needed website help from somebody who could write AND speak geek, David was the first person I called. His passion for the written word and his tech savvy make him a real find for anyone looking to create a dynamic web presence or make an impression in print.”

Leslie Lyon

Civl Servant, State of Colorado


“David was responsible for maintaining, developing, designing, and administering our church website. In addition to a high energy level, David was one of the few employees I have worked with that seemed to recognize that excellence is a journey and not a destination. I highly recommend David…”

Ken Murdock

Reverend, Unity Church

“David worked for me overseeing political campaign communications, and based on his work, I would rank him as one of the best consultants we have ever had. He distinguished himself by consistently submitting exceptionally well-researched and well-written messaging, framing, branding, letters, slogans, and other political campaign materials.

Steve Harvey

Lawyer, Writer